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FlexRun Service

Introducing Verallia's FlexRunSM Service

Give a shape to your imaginationAs the market leader in wine bottle manufacturing, Verallia North America continues to innovate in service flexibility. Verallia’s FlexRunSM Service, the first of its kind in the North American wine market, provides any winery, large or small, increased flexibility to run specialty bottles with limited investment. Whether adding a customized embossment to a stock bottle or creating an entirely new bottle design, it has never been easier to make shelf impact with your brand through custom glass design.

New technology

Verallia North America has developed and invested in new technology at its Seattle, Washington facility allowing for the production of two unique bottles on the same machine simultaneously. The system utilizes a “variable weight feeder” which allows for the automated delivery of variable weights of glass gobs to the individual forming sections. Reducing the number of sections required for production results in
optimized costs for our customers with mould equipment
and production costs substantially reduced.


Work with our dedicated design team to develop customized in-glass decoration including:

  • Customized embossments
  • Variety of finish options
  • Unique bottle shapes
  • Custom punt design

FlexRun details : Embossments / Finishes / Unique shapes / Custom Punt Designs

Order size

Verallia’s FlexRunSM Service is an innovative solution for glass wine bottle orders as small as 1,500 cases*.
(*9L equivalent cases.)


With 4 distinct colors available, the possibilities for your individual design are endless:

Colors: Antique Green / Chapagne Green / Dead Leaf Green / Flint

Marketing opportunities

FlexRunSM Service is ideal for:

  • Product launches or market tests
  • Commemorative bottles
  • Limited edition bottles
  • Custom punt designs

 Learn more about FlexRunSM Service by downloading the brochure (.pdf)
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