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Why choose Glass ?

Glass has been the preferred packaging choice for food and beverages since it was first introduced to North America more than 400 years ago. Today, studies indicate that no other packaging option offers the same level of purity, protection and recyclability.

It's no wonder the leading food, beverage, beer, wine and spirits brands continue to trust Verallia glass containers to preserve both their products and their brand image.

Purity of Products

Glass ENSURES the integrity of our customer's products. Glass is pure, inert, safe and will not contaminate the products it contains. Glass containers won't allow any migration of chemical toxicity to their contents.

Here's What Consumers Say

In a recent study by Newton Marketing Research, of those consumers expressing a preference, consumers feel that glass is superior to other packaging materials in several important areas.

Protecting Your Product

Consumers are becoming more aware of packaging and how it can affect the foods and beverages they consume. Glass containers are nonporous and safeguard against moisture, oxygen and odor invasion.

Material matters! 87% of consumers believe that the container you choose, depending on its material, can leach chemicals into the product.

Preserving Our Planet

Today, 83% of those same consumers also considered themselves "environmentally conscious," a mind-set that further supports glass.

Glass Containers are 100% recyclable with no loss in quality or purity. Every bit of a glass bottle or jar can be made into a new one over and over again. Above that, recycled glass, also called cullet, can be used in the manufacturing process to help save on the amount of raw material used to make new bottles and jars. It also cuts the demand for energy, extends furnace life and lowers emissions.

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Source note : Survey results based on Newton Marketing Research