Packaging is a major component of the marketing strategy for the food and beverage industry. It is by working closely with our customers and leading industry suppliers that Verallia – with its extensive knowledge of the market – is able to implement a proactive approach to the development of innovative solutions.

Verallia enhances its customers’ products through its ongoing search for differentiation and co-development to provide the optimum response to emerging needs and evolving consumer habits. Verallia’s innovative spirit is expressed through the creation of new forms of packaging, decoration and specific colors.

Verallia uses its computer-aided design (CAD) systems to work directly with its customers throughout the entire process from design to manufacturing. Verallia has design centers in all countries in which it operates, which enables the interactive development of bottles and jars through three-dimensional visualization of various design models. These services enable Verallia to shorten its time-to-market and to boost its ability to fully meet its customers’ expectations.

Verallia also manufactures lines of stock containers that are adapted to the needs of each local market around the world – serving the full range of our customers’ needs.