Discover ten jobs filmed in one of Verallia’s seven glassmaking plants in France, VOA - Verrerie d’Albi

Delve into the tasks of Cédric - Electromechanical shift engineerElise - Furnace managerNicolas – Hot end controller, deputy team leaderAurélien – Trainee engineer IT departmentSales administration assistantsFrançoise and Morgane – Furnace quality assistantsJean-Roch – Assistant manager product development centerXavier – FoundrymanVincent – Mold shop assistant and Virginie – Production assistant.

All videos are available on Verallia’s YouTube channel.

Founded over 120 years ago, the Albi glass plant is a symbol of Verallia’s glassmaking know-how and expertise. It employs over 300 people and makes 800,000 bottles a day thanks to its two furnaces refurbished in 2016. Located in the middle of the great vineyards in the South of Europe, VOA serves this wine market. It also makes bottles for spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. VOA has its own design and engineering department which produces around 20 creations a year. 

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