Sitevi : Verallia introduces its new Rosés range product

Sitevi, International fair for professionals in the agricultural sector, took place in Montpellier at the beginning of December 2011.

Verallia was present with a booth enhancing: 

  • various thematics :  a presentation of the 'Rosés Irresistibles' range of product’s on an amazingly decorated wall, and an exhibition of the Gres de Montpellier'  bottle. A movie of the bottle’s manufacturing  process was projected during the event. 
  • and an illustration of our strong know-how through Selective Line, Verallia’s brand for high range products, and a selection of  bottles decorated by Saga Décor.

The different shapes of Verallia's bottles were also presented on the booth.

The Verallia's teams took the opportunity of the fair to organize a party for  their customers in the Domaine de Verchant. The thematic was about the Rosés Irrésistibles and to the universe of the Casino games.