The glass packaging sector of Saint-Gobain launches the new Verallia brand

The glass packaging sector of Saint-Gobain launches the new Verallia brand

The Packaging Sector of Saint-Gobain launched Verallia, a new international brand dedicated to the manufacturing activities of glass bottles and jars.

Therefore, as of April 15, all around the world, the glass packaging businesses of Saint-Gobain are now unified under the unique Verallia brand. This new brand was established to raise the profile of the Saint-Gobain glass packaging business with its markets, customers, manufacturing network and regional economies.

"The Verallia brand was also created to reflect our values and our unique business model that is built upon the combination of strength and proximity: the strength of a worldwide manufacturing and sales network, and the proximity that we cultivate everyday with our customers and business partners," said Jérôme Fessard, CEO of the Packaging Sector.

With Verallia, Saint-Gobain wishes to project its expertise, illustrate its capacity for innovation and its sustainable development strategy, and maintain its reputation as the benchmark for the glass packaging industry. The objective of the Verallia brand is to always offer the best glass packaging on the market.

The launch of the Verallia brand comes at a time in which Saint-Gobain has decided to refocus its corporate strategy and communication around its core business of habitat. The legal entities of the companies of the Packaging Sector remain unchanged. For additional information, please refer to our press release.