The theme of the fifth Spanish edition of the design competition was “Spirits”, a promising market in the country. Over 140 students joined in, submitting their innovative bottle projects. 

The selection was made by a panel of judges composed of Verallia customers and employees. It was presided by Xavier Cuxart from the design and branding agency, Morillas. And the awards were presented during the furnace opening ceremony at Saragossa

The first prize went to “Bokken” by Antoni Aparicio, a student at ESADA, the Andalusian School of Art and Design. His Japanese whisky bottle, inspired by Mount Fuji and the Japanese culture, breaks away from tradition with its dynamic contours.  

In second place, “Yo soy Guapa”- by María Balbás and Samantha García from the Industrial Engineering School of the University of Valladolid (EII) - which is designed for high-end gins. This bottle’s round and low shape is inspired by Velasquez’s painting, Las Meninas.

The competition’s third award, “Deleite” - by Paula Vidal and Antonio Lopera from EII – is a bottle for Jerez brandy, a typical Andalusian spirit, and represents a bar of chocolate.


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Since 2009, different Verallia subsidiaries have organized an annual design competition. In 2018, the Verallia Design Awards are organized in six countriesSpain, Germany, FranceItalyPortugaland Ukraine. Students and young art or design school graduates imagine, from a defined theme, an innovative type of glass packaging. The entrants receive support from Verallia’s teams to familiarize themselves with the glass material and its demanding industrial requirement.