Verallia innovates on the pasteurizable and retortable glass jar market

Heat-sealable Verallia

Verallia presents an innovation that extends the applications of heat-sealable glass containers to new markets: ready meals, baby food, sauces, etc.


Building on its expertise in the field of heat-sealable glass packaging, Verallia has developed a solution to propose, for the first time, heat-sealable, pasteurizable and retortable glass jars and cassolettes. While already used for yoghurts or puddings, such heat-sealable containers cannot endure high-temperature heat treatments such as sterilization or pasteurization which are essential, for example, for vegetables, cooked dishes as well as sauces available in the fresh foods section.


Consequently, Verallia has developed the depositing of a new bonding primer on the lip of its jars. This primer is compatible with the polymer of the market lids used to seal jars that can then be sterilized and pasteurized. These heat treatments guarantee food preservation.


Partner of reference, Verallia supports its customers towards new consumption patterns. Endlessly recyclable, glass is the consumers’ preferred choice of material. It does not interact with its contents, nor alter their taste, smell or composition. Verallia’s customers will accordingly be able to propose end-consumers differentiating containers. This easy-to-open solution is also compatible with both standard and customizable jars.

An innovator developing 1,500 new products each year, Verallia demonstrates its ambition to invest in new markets and offer its customers the best in glass packaging.