Verallia x Dark Horse Vineyard

Arterra Wines Canada - Dark Horse Vineyard, located in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada package their elegant Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Verallia’s splendid Burgundy Emotion bottle.

We chose the glass for Dark Horse Vineyard wines to aptly reflect the caliber of the wines in the bottle and to convey, at a glance, the wines elegance and sophistication.

-Jody Levesque, Sr. Brand Manager, Dark Horse Vineyard


The bottle is topped and finished with a black BVS sealed closure. The traditional burgundy bottle is up to par and the difference between the Emotion compared to other traditional bottles Verallia offers, is the Emotion bottle is sector as a premium wine bottle due to its wide diameters and heavier weight.



Dark Horse Vineyard

Since those first plantings, Dark Horse Vineyard has been producing internationally awarded wines with depth and poise.


An independent group, Verallia is a leading global producer of glass packaging for food and beverages, and proposed innovation, customized and environmentally friendly solutions. In 2019, Verallia produced approximately 16 billion bottles and jars intended mainly for still and sparkling wines, spirits, food products, beers and nonalcoholic beverages. Verallia footprints are strong in the still and sparkling wine segment. It is also a leading marketing player in spirits, soft drinks and food.