From Nature to Glass

    Glass draws its strength from the earth. Comprised mainly of natural minerals (sand, limestone and soda ash), glass is an ecological material that is desired for its purity and elegance.

    The natural quality of glass is enhanced by its stability. It easily withstands extreme temperatures of heat and cold. Inert and stable, glass provides exemplary resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents.

    These qualities of natural resistance make glass a healthy material that provides the ideal solution to the packaging demands of the food and beverage industries.


    From Glass to Packaging

    The impermeable nature of glass makes it a safe form of protective packaging. In addition to being an excellent barrier against the external environment, glass containers do not interact with or alter the taste, odor or composition of the products they contain. Glass packaging provides optimum long-term conservation of the original qualities and virtues of food and beverages.

    Glass not only protects but also enhances a product’s quality. The transparency of colorless or colored glass displays the content and reveals the quality, allowing the consumer to appreciate the product.


    From Standard Packaging to Unique Designs

    The flexibility of glass in its molten state during the forming process allows for a wide variety of products (bottles, jars, etc.) to be manufactured. This flexibility is a combination of an infinite array of potential forms with a broad palette of colors.

    With glass, the boundaries of creativity can be expanded to bring to life the most unusual ideas and customization that customers want for their products.

    Whether in the most daring innovations or in well-loved packaging shapes, glass enhances the synergy between a product and its packaging. It provides an attractive blend of elegance and authenticity, palpable to the touch and visible to the eye. Plain or decorated, smooth or embossed, transparent or frosted, glass packaging gives the consumer an immediate sense of the product, its freshness and its quality, as well as its traditional or audacious nature even before its actual use.


    Glass and its Clear Future

    As a fully and infinitely recyclable material, combined with its purity, glass is the packaging material of choice when it comes to sustainable development.

    Glass contributes to protecting the environment: a used bottle can be utilized to manufacture a new bottle without any loss of material quality or quantity. This cycle can be repeated indefinitely.

    Natural, strong, neutral, respectful of its contents, capable of the most promising innovation and infinitely recyclable: glass withstands the test of time.

Photos : Catherine Théry