Ecova Naturellement valorisant

Ecova, a global eco-design approach

Ideal packaging for <strong>organic</strong> products that meets their criteria and their environmental approach

Eco-designed, Ecova bottles meet the same standards of technical and aesthetic quality as the traditional products in our range, while enjoying all the eco-friendly advantages of glass and a controlled production process.

Ecova, a genuine marketing impact

Ecova Evolution and Tradition ranges: 15% less CO2 emitted during production

Creative forms and decoration, elegant packages: Ecova has been designed to reinforce the quality perceived by the consumer and position the bottle at the high end of the aesthetic scale of container glass. For both standard and custom products across all markets, Ecova is a compelling new solution for adding value to products and capturing market share in France and around the world.

Ecova, tangible benefits

An Ecova truckload = more than 1000 extra bottles of finished goods

Using Ecova designs immediately achieves savings for your company’s logistics and environmental footprint. It also allows to erase the boarders, especially to countries, which impose strict rules concerning glass packaging’s weight. (ex : LCBO in Canada).

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